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Get your flexibility back

The most amazing benefit of the Rapid Release Technology is the result of the Tonic Vibration Reflex. Tonic Vibration Reflex releases the opposing muscle fibers and gets rid of pesky and uncomfortable cramps and spasms that prevent you from moving freely. This affect is specific to Rapid Release Technology, in that it does not occur with any other portable device on the market.

Pain-free surgery-free results

Don't wait to take back control of your body. Move freely by choosing RRT treatment, which includes:

•Durable, quiet and cool brushless DC motor

•Electronic speed and torque motor control

•Ergonomic and ambidextrous design

•Extensive vibration dampening



Knowledgeable care for your pain

Rapid Release Technology is a revolutionary way to ease pain and help you take control of your life. This technology provides a drug-free and non-surgical alternative to treatment. This method has been employed by athletes, and quickly taken ground due to the ground-breaking results in both performance and comfort.


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Take advantage of the only High-speed Vibration Therapy on the market