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P  H  O  N  E

E  M  A  I  L

Man adjusting a woman's spine

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Adjust your spine and improve your outlook

Some of the conditions that can be improved are:

  - Arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis

  - Carpal tunnel syndrome

  - Chronic muscle stiffness and pain

  - Headaches and neck aches

  - Pain and stiffness throughout joints

  - Whiplash and traumatic injuries

  - Sports-related and other injuries

Get relief from many problems

The care you get will be based upon time-tested chiropractic techniques, including:

  - Lumbar roll

  - Motion palpation

  - Release work

  - Table adjustments

  - Toggle drop

  - Instrument adjustments

Reliable chiropractic techniques

The healthy and proper alignment of your vertebrae is not just associated with many physical improvements, but mental ones as well! When you get your spine properly adjusted, don't be surprised if your attitude and mood have been adjusted for the better, as well.


Come in for an adjustment and you’ll be surprised at not only how much better your back and neck feel, but the rest of your body, too! Call to make your appointment today - most insurance plans are accepted!

It's not just your vertebrae that will be adjusted when you come in!

Back pain adjustments