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Move your neck freely and without pain

Treating neck pain often means having a solid idea of the cause. These causes can include:

  - Cervical herniated discs

  - Cervical stenosis

  - Herniated discs and degenerative joints

  - Muscle strain degeneration

  - Muscle sprains from accidents

Let us treat the cause of your pain

The proper course for correcting your neck problems will be determined by observing your specific problem and using many strategies:

  - Adjustments

  - Proper rest

  - Ice and heat treatment

  - Chiropractic care

  - Physical therapy

Individualized care that works

Neck pain can vary from slight stiffness after sleeping in an uncomfortable position to chronic pain that leads to numbness and tingling in your extremities, such as your hands and fingers.


However, many neck problems can be tracked to your spine. That's why chiropractic adjustments, as well as fine adjustments to your neck, are the best course of action when dealing with neck pain that is either minor, major, or somewhere in between. Come in today to get help - most insurance plans are accepted!

Find the real culprit behind finger numbness, tingling, and more

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